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Creators of performance with professionalism and unrelenting spirit, people who spearhead a successful and united organization with an open mindset – These are the people at Doosan who grow with the company.

It seems like yesterday when I joined but I have already been with the company for two years. Like all new employees, I joined the company with the dream of going global and performing my duties excellently. However, there is a limit to the capability of a new employee, and new employees seldom have an opportunity to go on an overseas business trip with most companies. However, with DIV, I had opportunities to go global almost immediately.

Three months after joining the company, I, together with my colleagues, visited a number of Chinese plants. I had traveled to China several times, but as a company employee, this was the first trip. I saw how our business had developed on the great continent and visualized how it should be developed. Three months after that, I was lucky to accompany my Managing Director on an overseas trip. My friends, who had worked in the overseas sales section for one year, had no opportunity to make overseas business trips, but just three months after joining the company, I got to travel to the USA, which surprised even my family. As it was my first trip to the US, I was both excited and tense. I practiced my English by watching US films without subtitles before I reached the US. Thanks to my hard preparation, I delivered a good presentation at the US subsidiary, satisfying the participants, and I was delighted with the result. Since then, I have been able to communicate well with American firms, hold video conferences with them, and interpret for meetings with Chinese firms. I also communicate with Indian firms’ staffers. Would-be applicants may think that I am trying to publicize my company or may doubt whether I really perform global work like that. However, I have found that Doosan does not merely talk about going global, but gives as many opportunities to new recruits to go global in order to foster HR.

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I pursue happiness as my personal goal. Like all company employees, however, I spend most of the day at the company, so I believe that working happily and satisfactorily will determine the quality of life. Of course, I suffer stress from work, but I laugh loudly more often than I frown at the office. This is perhaps because there are many people around me who recognize and encourage me and who foster my capabilities. If you are looking for a happy workplace, and want to smile while you work, you are advised to remember Doosan.

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Community Involvement & Development

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