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Purchase Guide

DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA provides consultation regarding customer’s inquiries about everything from the purchase of BOBCAT KOREA to sales to services.

Forklift Trucks and Logistics Equipment of DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA

Forklift trucks are classified by their fuel source: diesel, LPG and electric-powered. The truck’s lifting capacity is classified by tons. According to this classification, Doosan forklift trucks are given the following model name format.

D20S-7 모델명 설정 안내 모바일 이미지 입니다. 아래에 이미지 설명을 안내합니다.
  • Power Source
    • D : diesel, pneumatic tires
    • G : gasoline, pneumatic tires
    • B : electric, pneumatic tires
    • BC : electric, cushion tires
    • BR ; electric, reach type
  • Load Capacity
    • 10 : 1,000 kg
    • 20 : 2,000 kg
    • 180 : 18,000 kg
    • 250 : 25,000 kg
  • Specifications
    • S : Super
    • X : electric, low profile
    • T : electric, 3 wheels
  • Series No.

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Product Classification

Purchase Procedure

List of documents required for installment purchase

1.고객 - 2.제품 상담 견적 의뢰 - 3.사양 선정 계약 및 주문 - 4.생산 - 5.출하 고객 인도 - 6.서비스
  1. DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA products are distributed via a nationwide network of dealers who also offer quotations and consultation. Call 1688-6262 and select “1” to connect to your nearest local agent (in Korea).
  2. Forklifts are very effective pieces of logistics equipment that can improve work efficiency at diverse types of business sites. It is important to determine the optimal specifications according to the nature of the work involved, the type of load, and the working environment. Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest dealer for technical advice.
  3. Once the client’s specifications have been confirmed and the contract concluded, the product is manufactured in accordance with the order specifications. The delivery time may vary depending on the type, options and specifications of the vehicle. You can trace the delivery schedule and its progress with the dealer.
  4. Full after-service will be provided including regular inspection by skilled A/S engineers.
Dealer Locator Online Consulation

Product Guide

  1. 1. Forklifts are very effective items of logistics equipment that can enhance work efficiency at diverse types of industrial sites. As such, it is very important to determine the optimal specifications according to the nature of the work involved, the type of load, and the working environment. Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest dealer for detailed technical advice.
  2. 2. Forklifts repeatedly lift and lower heavy loads that cannot be handled manually. The failure of a forklift vehicle will lead directly to a suspension of production and/or higher logistics costs. As such, it is very important to select forklifts of high quality and outstanding durability.
  3. 3. Forklifts require regular inspection and servicing to maintain their productivity at a high level. DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA provides all its customers with high-quality A/S through its nationwide A/S network. DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA’s service is differentiated by highly skilled field engineers, continuous technical support/education by the HQ, and a mobile system. A/S Information
  4. 4. Registration and Regular Inspection of Forklift Trucks
    Forklift trucks are registered and inspected regularly in compliance with the Construction Machinery Management Act. For more detailed information including the documents required for application and licensing, please contact DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA dealer or click the link below. Read the Construction Machinery Management Act Korea Construction Equipment Safety Institute

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