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Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklift

Power, excellent performance, driving comfort, durability, and outstanding fuel efficiency will certainly satisfy you.

2.0T~3.5T NX Series


Main Features

  • Models
    • NX : Power shift transmission
    • NXM : Manual shift transmission
    • NXP : Standard or Premium
  • High powered and fuel efficient Diesel Engine
    • NX or NXM : Weichai 3.2L
    • NXP Standard : Yanmar 3.0L
    • NXP Premium : Yanmar 3.3L
  • Selectable various models
  • Doosan New design with the Doosan’s unique exterior
  • Powerful performance and Durability guaranteed
  • Excellent operator comfort
  • Enhanced maintenance and serviceability
  • OSS(Operator Sensing System) -No truck moving with an operator’s absence on driver seat
    • Hydraulic lifting and lowering locking
    • Parking Brake warning
    • Seat Belt Indicator
  • Available Emission Regulation
    • NX or NXM : Non Certification
    • NXP : EU Stage IIIA / EPA Tier III Certification

Product Concepts

The new NX series of D25NX(M,P) offering outstanding power, durability and operator comfort realizes customer satisfaction through providing the best productivity and convenience in various industrial applications. The combination of powerful engine, transmission, and drive axle maximizes the performance and gives best productivity in various work applications. The NX series is equipped with advanced design to reduce noise, vibration, heat, dust – inflow, ensures durability of major components. With the improved design and additional option, NX guarantees durability in harsh operating conditions. The operator compartment is more spacious and ergonomically designed to reduce driver’s fatigue. NX is equipped with various safety features. It prevents unexpected accidents, ensuring safety of employees.

Main Specification

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Global Performance

Global Performance

DSIV develops advanced products and provides an excellent after-sales service as part of its strategy for ensuring ‘Doosan Forklift’ is recognized as the world’s leading forklift brand.

Quality Management

Quality Management

DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA provides quality management by establishing open communication channels with customers through domestic call centers and the Global Link 24 overseas.

Shared Growth

Shared Growth

DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA is promoting shared growth under the banner of “establishing a 'virtuous cycle partnership' to share growth with suppliers” to strengthen its global competitiveness.

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