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Warehouse Equipment

Doosan warehouse equipment, together with advanced Reach Truck, offers various small logistics equipment models that set industry-standard. Stability, ergonomic design, and attractive appearance – they’re just class-leading products.

Reach Truck


Main Features

  • Great AC Powered Productivity.
  • A Comfortable operation enhances truck performance.
  • Ergonomically designed operator compartment.
  • Enhances driver comfort, by facilitating ease of operation and helping boost output in any application, directly increasing the productivity.
    • Trend setting style in exterior and interior design.
    • Spacious operator room.
    • Ergonomically Positioned operational equipments.
    • High visibility through mast and overhead guard.

Product Concepts

Durability and Reliability Create Profitability!

  • DOOSAN’S goal is to make your material handling operation both efficient and profitable.
  • The durability and reliability of these reach trucks will help in minimize your truck downtime and total cost of ownership.

Main Specification

Main Specification of Reach Truck BR13/15/18S-7
Sales Model Unit BR18P-7 BR20P-7
Rated Load Capacity kg 1600 1800
Load Center mm 600 600
System Voltage V 36 36
Battery Compartment mm 16.4 20.9
Overall Length to Fork Face mm 1385 1500
Truck Overall Width mm 1030 1030
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2410 2410
Minimum Turning Radius mm 1763 1878
Travel Speed, Loaded km/h 12 12
Lifting Speed, Loaded mm/s 350 330
Wheel Base mm 1525 1640
Rated Output of Drive Motor kW 6.5 6.5
Rated Ouput of Pump Motor kW 16 16

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Global Performance

Global Performance

DSIV develops advanced products and provides an excellent after-sales service as part of its strategy for ensuring ‘Doosan Forklift’ is recognized as the world’s leading forklift brand.

Quality Management

Quality Management

DIV provides quality management by establishing open communication channels with customers through domestic call centers and the Global Link 24 overseas.

Shared Growth

Shared Growth

DIV is promoting shared growth under the banner of “establishing a 'virtuous cycle partnership' to share growth with suppliers” to strengthen its global competitiveness.

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