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Meet Our People

Creators of performance with professionalism and unrelenting spirit, people who spearhead a successful and united organization with an open mindset – These are the people at Doosan who grow with the company.

Have you ever been to South America?
South America can be reached within 24 hours by plane from Korea. It is a continent of passion and romanticism. It offers not only sightseeing attractions but also huge business potential. I joined the company as a career employee in 2007, and was given an opportunity to set up a forklift business in South America. I was not a forklift expert, did not speak Spanish, and had little knowledge of South America, but the opportunity gave me a stage on which to grow as a global worker – something I had previously only dreamed of. As I succeeded in familiarizing myself with the South American markets, I was given another opportunity to experience the US markets.

I was able to expand my experience in and understanding of wider markets beyond emerging markets, thus creating a foothold for further growth.When I went on my first business trip to South America, I spoke English poorly, and was nervous. Six years later, however, I am now enjoying working together with foreign colleagues in both South America and North America. I find myself gradually becoming a global worker with DIV.

박영훈-남미 첫 출장 박영훈-남미 첫 출장

Doosan is Korea’s longest-standing company. Yet it positively accepts changes and willingly takes on new challenges, thereby maintaining a vital organizational culture. Junior and senior colleagues enjoy close friendships, which results in strong teamwork, and employees grow to be fully competitive. The workplace is where employees spend most of their time. Doosan understands the value of this time, and continues to take on challenges to maximize that value.

Your youth and dream will surely shine with DIV. Like me, you will be proud that you chose Doosan. 

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Community Involvement & Development

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Shared Growth

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