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Creators of performance with professionalism and unrelenting spirit, people who spearhead a successful and united organization with an open mindset – These are the people at Doosan who grow with the company.

At DIV’s R&D department, I am tasked with providing support for the mass production of medium-sized diesel engine forklifts. I am also responsible for improving the productivity of forklifts produced for both domestic use and export, improving quality, reducing costs, and designing SQ (special vehicles tailored to customer requests). I joined the company in 2008, was assigned to R&D, and have been working in that capacity ever since. I have engaged in the design of diverse forklift models from medium-size 4-ton to large 16-ton models. Such design experience seems to be my biggest strength. During my six years with Doosan, I have grown significantly in various respects. I have shifted my viewpoint on products and their prospects to customer- and market-oriented viewpoints, paid attention to the voices of our customers, and continuously moved toward the established goals. As such, I could find myself changing attitude to my jobs. During my R&D project periods, I participated in several domestic and overseas exhibitions each year. I also observed and attended the CeMAt in Shanghai, China, and the IMHX exhibition in Birmingham, UK as a designer, thereby meeting and communicating with diverse customers and having opportunities to personally experience many competitors and market trends. The most attractive part of my job as a new model development designer is to give explanations of product designs and concepts and product competitiveness to dealers and customers, and to listen to their feedback and share opinions.

박찬영-영국 IMHX2013 박찬영-영국 출장

At the UK IMHX2013, the vehicle I designed was exhibited under the name of the Doosan brand, which made me very excited. I felt that I was part of the DIV brand and its global logistics development, and felt responsible for my duties.

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Global Performance

Global Performance

DSIV develops advanced products and provides an excellent after-sales service as part of its strategy for ensuring ‘Doosan Forklift’ is recognized as the world’s leading forklift brand.

Community Involvement & Development

Social Responsibility

This introduces a variety of sharing activities by DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA.

Shared Growth

Shared Growth

DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA is promoting shared growth under the banner of “establishing a 'virtuous cycle partnership' to share growth with suppliers” to strengthen its global competitiveness.

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