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Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklift

Power, excellent performance, driving comfort, durability, and outstanding fuel efficiency will certainly satisfy you.

3.5T~5.5T Series


Main Features

  • High powered and fuel efficient LPG
  • Virtually maintenance-free oil-cooled disc brakes
  • 2 Speed powershift Transmission
  • Lift and Tilt Locking Hydraulic Control Valve
  • Enhanced maintenance and Serviceability
  • OSS(Operator Sensing System)
    • No truck moving with an operator’s absence on driver seat
    • Hydraulic lifting and lowering
    • Parking Brake warning
    • Seat Belt Indicator
  • Available Emission Regulation
    • LPG : Non Certification / Tier III Certification

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3.5T~5.5T Series

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3.5T~5.5T Series

  • High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front end
  • Integrated Instrument Panel
  • Convenience Tray
  • Auto Tilt Leveling (Optional)
  • Deluxe Suspension Seat with Operator Sensing System
  • Spacious Operator compartment
  • Optimum Pedal System (OPS)
  • High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front - end

    High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front – end Wider mast window, repositioned hydraulic hoses and flat bar style overhead guard optimizes operator sight lines forward, up and to the load.

  • Integrated Instrument Panel

    Integrated Instrument Panel The centralized and easy-to-read instrument panel maximizes operator efficiency. Fuel gauge, engine hour meter, engine oil pressure, coolant and transmission temperature, mast interlock, transmission neutral, seat belt, brake oil level indicator keeps operator ever aware of all vehicle performance systems.

  • Convenience Tray

    Convenience Tray Easily handles refreshments, paperwork, small tools, etc for operator efficiency.

  • Auto Tilt Leveling (Optional)

    Auto Tilt Leveling (Optional) Easily returns mast to upright vertical position with the simple push of a button.

  • Deluxe Suspension Seat with Operator Sensing System

    Deluxe Suspension Seat with Operator Sensing System A comfortable Deluxe Suspension Seat with Operator Sensing System, a large seatback angle, longer seat travel length and operator’s weight resistance on front side allow multiple adjustments for optimum seating comfort.

  • Spacious Operator compartment

    Spacious Operator compartment Wide open operator leg room, stepless tiltable steering column and ergonomically located operator pedals with a low cowl height facilitate ease of operation.

  • Optimum Pedal System(OPS)

    Optimum Pedal System(OPS) This Option Pedal System will reduce the operators fatigue and provide best sense of drivability.
    Especially, the new electronic accelerator will provide the operator with secure and exact speed control.

Product Concepts

DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA 7Series, G45S-7 are designed for a broad spectrum of heavy applications in manufacturing, warehousing, outdoor storage and distribution. The 7Series offer outstanding performance level including durability and reliability. The robust build has been retained, and operator comfort levels have been maintained as high design priorities. These hard-working engine powered forklifts will meet the toughest challenges that customers throw at them including ramps, grades and rough underfoot conditions. Whether loading stacks, packing racks or stuffing trucks, G45S-7 are guaranteed to impress both operators and operation’s personnel with its power, performance and productivity.

Main Specification

Main Specification of 3.5T~5.5T Series G35/40/45S/50/55C-5
Sales Model Unit G35S-7 G40S-7
Rated Load Capacity kg 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500
Load Center mm 600 600
Overall Length to Fork Face mm 3115 3165
Truck Overall Width mm 1370 1455
1455 1455
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2225 2230
2230 2230 2230
Minimum Turning Radius mm 2782 2832
Travel Speed, Loaded km/h 20 19.5
19.5 19.5 19.5
Lifting Speed, Loaded mm/s 500 500 500 490
Wheel Base mm 2000 2000 2100
2100 2100
Engine Models   KUBOTA WG3800
Rated Power of Engine kW (HP) /rpm 92.5(69)/2500
Max.Torque kgf.m (N-m) /rpm 30(290)/1500
Displacements cc 3769

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Global Performance

Global Performance

DSIV develops advanced products and provides an excellent after-sales service as part of its strategy for ensuring ‘Doosan Forklift’ is recognized as the world’s leading forklift brand.

Quality Management

Quality Management

DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA provides quality management by establishing open communication channels with customers through domestic call centers and the Global Link 24 overseas.

Shared Growth

Shared Growth

DOOSAN BOBCAT KOREA is promoting shared growth under the banner of “establishing a 'virtuous cycle partnership' to share growth with suppliers” to strengthen its global competitiveness.

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